What About Abortion?


Abortion may be the first option a woman in an unplanned pregnancy thinks of. At first, it may seem like the best way out of her dilemma.


However, abortion, like any medical procedure, has immediate and longer term risks. Even medical abortions, accomplished with medications, are more complicated than many people realize. Any abortion carries physical risks, as well as emotional, relational and spiritual risks which are often not considered. The Pregnancy Care Center can provide you with accurate information about the procedures, what to expect, and possible future impact. You deserve to have the facts you need to make an educated decision.


In Texas, a woman must receive an ultrasound with an audible fetal heartbeat before an abortion, and the abortion provider must tell her about the possible emotional and physical risks. The Texas Department of Health has published a booklet entitled "A Woman's Right to Know" detailing this information. You can find it online, or you can get a copy free of charge at the Center.


If you are considering an abortion, even though we do not refer for or provide abortions, we can talk with you about the procedures, your rights under the law, clues that you might be at increased risk for emotional problems after abortion, and questions to ask an abortion provider before you choose that option. 


Our staff can also help you explore what alternatives to abortion are available to you. Knowing all your options with their pros and cons will equip you to make the best decision for you.





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